woman holding the knee with pain

Hyaluronic acid injections vs cortisone shots for knee pain

September 19, 2022

If you suffer from knee pain & are considering treatment, we’re discussing the topic of hyaluronic acid injections vs cortisone in this blog.

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man sitting on bed with numb feet

What are the possible causes of numb toes and tingly feet?

September 12, 2022

There can be several reasons why your feet suddenly feel numb or tingly. Luckily, our team in Annapolis Maryland are here to shed some light on the topic.

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man holding heel in pain

Recognizing the signs of a heel spur

July 22, 2022

Have you ever felt pain in your heel and not known what was causing it? You could be experiencing discomfort from a heel spur and require targeted pain relief.

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nurse assisting senior to prevent a fall

Am I at Risk for Falls?

January 26, 2022

Have you ever said, “I never had good balance”, “I am accident prone”, “I have fallen and/or tripped”? Are you a human living on planet earth or any other planet with gravity/gravitation forces? Are you human? If you answered yes to any or all these questions, this article is for you.

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