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We offer non-surgical, non-opioid treatment options, delivered by our medical providers that can give both short and long lasting pain relief. Since only a few days of using a properly prescribed opioid (Codeine, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Morphine etc.) exponentially increases a patient's chances of acquiring an addiction, we knew we wanted to offer alternatives to traditional pain management. We recognize there are circumstances that require extended periods of opioid use, so we co-manage with other offices that specialize in opioid medication management while offering our patients alternative medical treatments.

Pain Relief Injections

This is a type of Regenerative Medicine Treatment that is available to our patients looking for more of a long term solution to their pain. With high concentrations of growth factors, cytokines, hyaluronic acid, cellular components and extracellular vesicles, this therapy helps to aid in reducing inflammation in an area as well as to aid the body in the regeneration of healthy tissue and repair of damaged tissue. Often we will recommend this regenerative medicine treatment to patients who are looking for more of a long term fix for their arthritic or damaged joints, tendons, ligaments or muscles.

This specific injection is highly effective for patients who have knee or shoulder arthritis and, in most cases, is covered by insurance. This is typically a series of injections performed over 3-5 weeks and can help replenish the (good) fluid in the joint that has been depleted due to arthritis. The most recent research is showing that a series of Hyaluronic Acid Injections performed to the same joint yields even better results when repeated again 6-12 months later. Unlike cortisone, Hyaluronic Acid injections DO NOT cause the joint to break down more over time and there are almost no contraindications for these injections since Hyaluronic Acid is something our bodies already produce naturally.

For patients in severe joint pain or who are looking for more immediate pain relief we also offer anti-inflammatory and analgesic injections. Sometimes just breaking the pain cycle the body has been in for an extended period of time is enough to jumpstart your healing process and move you out of acute pain.

An option for patients who suffer from peripheral neuropathy is a nerve block. The most common cause of peripheral neuropathy we see is diabetic neuropathy. The provider will determine if this procedure is appropriate; however if it is,relief can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

Trigger Points are the “knots” you feel in your muscles and are quite painful. Trigger point injections deliver a local anesthetic and anti-inflammatory medicine(s) into the affected muscle to provide quick pain relief.

To a patient this type of injection may feel the same or similar to a Trigger Point Injection. A tendon is how a muscle attaches to bone. We have found that by injecting local anesthetic and/or anti-inflammatory medicine around the muscle tendons it not only helps relieve any pain that is related to the tendon (tendinitis, tendinopathy etc) but also helps to address any pain associated with the adjacent muscle. For patients looking for more natural treatments we also offer a homeopathic injectable solution.

While B12 injections do not provide pain relief they are a part of our holistic approach to treating our patients. B12 deficiency is most commonly known for causing fatigue and can really hinder a patient's progress in their pain relief journey.

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Interventional Pain Management Medical Providers

Whether you recently injured yourself or have been suffering for months or years, we know pain relief can sometimes seem like an unattainable goal. Our approach to pain management helps to relieve your pain quickly, without the use of opiates or surgery. We customize our treatment strategies to each patient, focusing on decreasing your pain as quickly as possible and restoring your quality of life.

Our providers care, they will listen, and they will help you on your journey to becoming pain free! Don't wait any longer, schedule today.

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