Auto Injury Treatment in Annapolis, MD

If you’ve recently sustained a person injury in an auto accident, workplace, product defect, etc, it’s important to seek proper treatment to minimize long-term costs and negative health consequences.

Annapolis Pain Management offers comprehensive pain management and rehabilitative services for patients following a personal injury or auto injury. Our doctors will evaluate the degree of your injuries to determine what treatment will work best for your unique situation.

Auto Accident Injury Treatment in Annapolis, MD

Our Personal and Accident Injury Treatment Options

For patients suffering from a personal injury, we often see whiplash, migraines, neck pain, and back pain. Our comprehensive recovery plans will help you return to your daily activities without experiencing pain. Our treatments may include:

Physical Medicine

Procedural and Physical Medicine treatments help alleviate acute and chronic pain associated with trauma allowing you to move and feel better sooner!

Physical Therapy

We combine a variety of manual therapies to restore normal movement and correct dysfunction in a quick and efficient manner.

Chiropractic Care

Our chiropractic care helps restore joint mobility, relieve pain, and alleviate muscle tightness through controlled adjustments of the spine.

Home Care

As part of our personalized pain management program, we provide exercise and postural education to restore strength and speed up recovery.

Learn More about Our Personal Injury Treatments

Our treatments are designed to provide our patients with a safe, non-invasive solution to reduce pain and promote healing. Our modern equipment and proven techniques will ensure your body’s healing process.

Contact Annapolis Pain Management at 410-224-4348 to learn more about our treatments for person injuries.

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