Dynamic Compression Therapy in Annapolis, MD

Class IV laser therapy has become a valuable tool in helping to resolve many different kinds of musculoskeletal injuries.

Dynamic Compression Therapy in Annapolis, MD

Dynamic Compression Therapy Using Sequential Pulse Technology

The premium system speeds up healing times, reduces recovery times, and decreases muscle soreness. A boot or sleeve is filled with air to deliver wavelike pulses.

The Sequential Pulse Technology, based on the normal physiology of the body, combines 3 distinct massage techniques to speed up the body’s normal recovery process.

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At Annapolis Pain Management, our friendly medical staff is dedicated to providing high-quality pain solutions in a comfortable and stress-free environment.

With years of experience, our doctors have helped thousands of patients achieve a higher level of living and functioning thanks to vasocompression therapy. If you would like to learn more about this treatment, contact Annapolis Pain Management today at 410-224-4348.

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