Headaches & Migraines


Both headaches and migraines are very common. The American Headache Society states that migraines are the second leading cause of years lost to disability worldwide!

Most standard approaches to the treatment of headaches and migraines often begin with medications. Unfortunately, patients taking these medications often endure sleepiness, nausea, nightmares, dry mouth, weight gain, tremors and sometimes even suffer from worsening headaches, while only getting a few hours or days of relief. Our approach is different.

Our Approach to Headache & Migraine Treatment

At Annapolis Pain Management we want to get to the cause of your headaches, not just treat the symptoms. While medications may be necessary in some cases, we often treat our patients without the need for long term use.

Our approach to headache and migraine treatment is through both treatment strategies as well as prevention techniques. We offer a wide variety and combination of techniques, some examples include: procedural pain management, regenerative medicine, IV therapy, rehabilitation, dry needling, decompression, traction, alignment, deep tissue laser, and manual therapy.

We also utilize the innovative TX360 therapy. The TX360 is a device that when combined with a simple in-office technique can be used for acute/active ongoing episodic migraine pain or as an abortive therapy if you feel a migraine coming on. It also offers an alternative treatment modality for chronic migraine sufferers to decrease the frequency, intensity, and duration of your attacks with great success.

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