Shoulder Pain Treatment in Annapolis, MD

The shoulder is a complex area, comprised of joints, muscles, and tendons which provide mobility for the arm. In fact, the shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body which is why when an injury occurs, it can seriously impact your range of motion and ability to function. At Annapolis Pain Management, we specialize in developing effective and integrative treatment plans to reduce your shoulder pain fast and effectively.

Shoulder Pain in Annapolis, MD

Non-surgical Shoulder Pain Therapy - Reduce Pain Fast and Effectively

A healthy shoulder is a ball-and-socket joint that is cushioned by a layer of cartilage. When the cartilage is damaged or worn away, your shoulder bones begin to rub together, causing pain and swelling.

As you might expect, there are a number of factors that can contribute to shoulder pain, including arthritis, inflammation, bursitis, rotator cuff injury, overexertion, and more.

Although shoulder pain is most common after the age of 60, it’s possible for young athletes to experience pain and discomfort due to injuries and repetitive use.

Non-Surgical Shoulder Pain Treatment

The good news about shoulder pain is that it can be treated. Once we determine the root cause of your pain, our shoulder pain specialists will utilize a non-surgical and integrative approach that is tailored to your exact needs and healthcare goals.

This approach will include proven and cutting edge technologies and procedures. We integrate physical therapy, chiropractic care, trigger point injections, functional muscle taping, laser therapy, and more.

Our goal is to reduce inflammation, restore flexibility, improve strength, and promote proper healing.  Together, you and the doctor will determine the best treatment option for you.

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If you suffer from shoulder pain as a result of injury or damage to the muscles and ligaments, our doctors can create a customized therapy program to reduce or completely get rid of your chronic pain.

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